About Us

Dad waiting for customer after we finishing the  patio cover in the background.

The Story of Clark Installation

Serving the Tri-State Area Since 1968

It all started back in 1968. Our father, Bill Clark, tired of working 2nd shift at a local plastics company, was looking for a way out. His brother-in-law Harold, was doing installation work for Sears and Roebuck. He had our dad help some during the day before he had to go on second shift. That led to dad getting his own contract to do work for Sears. He started out hanging storm doors and windows, doing some siding, installing patio covers, awnings, metal sheds, etc. He got his boys Bill and then Mike (when they were old enough around the age of 13 ) to help him on Saturdays and during summer break. Back then all we were good for was to hold one end of something, being a patio cover beam, a siding board, or to steady an extension ladder from kicking out. He taught us the right way to do a job, and to treat a customer, at a very young age. He is not with us anymore, yet the skills that he instilled in us will be with us for life.

Our first complete siding and window install after dad passed away